Humax promises fix for PVR-9150T, PVR-9300T and PVR-9200T PVR issues

Humax PVT 9200T PVR - problems, slow performance and freezes

Like a load of Humax users, we’ve been miffed off to the max with the increasingly patchy performance from our Humax PVR units.

As we reported recently, our PVRs have been slowing down to a crawl, freezing completely, refusing to turn off when the unit is switched off and – worst of all – missing vital  recordings of Cardiff City’s play-off securing Championship season.

Fixes and bodges

After trying a load of fixes and bodges suggested on the web to no avail, we blasted Humax off a moaning letter and promised to post up their reply here.

They didn’t get around to emailing us back, but instead made a statement via their Facebook page (of all places) claiming to have conjured up a software solution that will ‘dramatically improve the user experience’ and address issues such as freezing and locking up.

Humax PVT 9200T PVR - problems, slow performance and freezes

Acknowledging the “issues” affecting PVR-9150T, PVR-9300T and, “in particular”, the PVR-9200T Freeview+ digital TV recorders, the company detailed the problems:

The increasing complexity of the UK’s broadcast infrastructure and requirement to process a substantially higher volume of information has put the PVRs under pressure and significant performance issues became particularly apparent through the digital switchover.

We recognise this has regrettably caused frustration and problems for some of our PVR-9300T and PVR-9150T users, and in particular those with the older PVR-9200T models.

Humax also say that the new software mitigates the risk of future problems, and significantly reduces the time it takes to display the on-screen electronic programme guide (EPG) data, from many minutes to seconds.

They’re claiming the latter to be a “new feature” although most frustrated users would probably think of it as a long overdue fix.

Coming soon

Obliquely, Humax say they’re scheduling an automatic over-the-air software download “in a matter of weeks”, although they won’t give exact dates right now so we won’t be holding our breath – after all it’s taken over a year for them to even acknowledge the problem.

To make sure you get your update, be sure to turn your PVR off and on occasionally, or if you’re the impatient type, check out their website regularly where they’ll be making the update available as a download.

[Humax Facebook]

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