The Great HDMI Cable Ripoff. Save your cash, any old cable will do.

The Great HMDI Cable Ripoff. Save your cash, any old cable will do.So you’ve hammered your bank account and kitted out your front room with a lush, cinema-threatening flat-screen LCD TV.

Keen to keep things truly hi-fi and state-of-the-art, you’ve bagged yourself a frighteningly expensive Blu-Ray player and an awesome HD satellite set-top box.

With us all this top-notch gear, when it comes to cables, you’ve got to be looking at a big investment to get the best out of all this kit, right?


As this excellent infographic from illustrates, there is absolutely no difference between the cheapest and the most expensive regular length HDMI cables.

The graphic explains the difference between analogue and digital, and put simply, it’s this: although the signal can degrade over an analogue cable, with digital cables such as HDMI, it either works or it doesn’t.

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