Welcome to Wirefresh

We’re a new site bringing you the latest news, comment and insights into developments in the tech world.

We’re a bit of a cynical, cheeky but enthusiastic bunch, so the site will be going a little deeper than the usual fluster of fanboy flutterings and we pledge to be fiercely independent and honest in our reviews.

We won’t be troubling you with post after post of fuzzy pictures purporting to be some exciting new product or another, we don’t dream up Apple iWhatever renders to try and attract readers and we promise to never, ever inflict a pointless ‘unboxing’ video on you.

The target audience for Wirefresh is people interested in reading critical, down to earth reviews and analysis of new technologies, gadgets and audio/photo/computer related advances.

The site is a spin off from the legendary, non-profit community site, urban75.com and features some contributors from its lively tech bulletin boards.

Who’s who?

Mike S is the site’s main writer and the fella behind urban75. Mike loves new shiny things and previously was the main reviewer for the digital lifestyles website and before that was a writer on the much-missed UK monthly magazine, Internet Magazine. He also wrote the highly praised book, “Max Hits – Building and Promoting Successful Web Site.”

Tony Fletcher has been making music on computers for years, lives and breathes technology and is at his happiest when he’s pulling apart a PC and examining spec sheets.

Alex S loves all things techie, mobile and iPhone. He’ll be road-testing programs and gadgets to an inch of their lives.

Nigel H is the backend boffin and coding wizard with knowledge deeper than a Rhondda coal mine.

Pete Railton is our science writer, and he’ll be posting up snippets of space technology and other complicated stuff.

We’ve also got new writers working on review and projects right now, so stay tuned for more!

Want to write for us?

If you want to write for us, drop us a line and tell us a bit about yourself and perhaps some links to examples of your work.

There’s bugger all cash in it of course – we’re all doing this because we love talking about technology – but there is the occasional perk to be had (free review software etc).


Mike S