First amateur HD video from the edge of space

We love this kind of stuff. A bunch of Edmonton radio enthusiasts (that’s Edmonton, USA, not the grimy north London suburb) bodged together a DIY video platform on a balloon and sent it soaring upwards on a mission to film the edge of space.

Bear 4 records edge of space HD video

The mission, dubbed BEAR-4 (Balloon Experiments with Amateur Radio), involved wedging a video camera in a box protected by foam blocks, and hooking it up to five AAA Lithium L91 battery cells to provide nearly four and half hours of footage.

The video was shot on a Canon Vixio-HF camcorder attached to a 1800g hydrogen balloon, and the 3.84lbs package managed to survive the journey and successfully record the first amateur video at 107,145 feet.

At that altitude there’s no air to conduct sound, so there’s a peaceful, Zen like silence takes over before the balloon bursts, and the camera assembly starts its descent back to earth.

Bear 4 records edge of space HD video

You can see the highlights below:

Bear 4 project

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