HP’s ‘Let’s Do Amazing’ TV ad campaign amuses – videos galore

HP's 'Let's Do Amazing' ad campaign amuses

With the company shelling out no less than $40 million on this TV campaign,  HP are looking to make a splash with the public, with a slew of adverts hitting YouTube.

Labelled with the grammatically worrying tag of, “Let’s Do Amazing,” the adverts are led by Rhys Darby of “Flight of the Conchords” fame, and on first look seem moderately amusing.

Anyone expecting sexy product shots and Samsung-style throngs of hotties steamily pawing over fresh product will be disappointed, as this is all about re-introducing the brand to the great unwashed.

As well as a trip to a UPS sorting facility and an IT department, we get to see a studio-bound Dr. Dre whooping up the benefits of HP Beats audio, with ol’ Rhys being the fall guy throughout.

They’re pretty funny, so check them out for yourself below:

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