Internet kissing gadget invites folks to get jiggy over wi-fi

Internet kissing gadget invites folks to get jiggy over wi-fi

We can’t say we’d get much of a kick out of getting jiggy with this whirring plastic box, but it shows how tactile communications over the internet are being developed.

Created by the Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications, the device claims to “transmit the feeling of a kiss” over the internet, courtesy of a hardware gizmo that is put in your mouth.

The idea is that as you attempt to snog this thing, your tongue movements are transmitted to your partners connected device, which moves accordingly, with the option to ‘replay’ particularly good kisses. Sexy!

Clearly at an early prototype stage, the team at Kajimoto realise there’s more to snogging than just spinning a tongue around and say they have plans to recreate the whole sensation:

The elements of a kiss include the sense of taste, the manner of breathing, and the moistness of the tongue. If we can recreate all of those I think it will be a really powerful device.

If they achieve any of those aims, we imagine the adult entertainment industry will soon be putting in vast orders for ‘modified’ versions of the device.


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