Android MicDroid: annoying Auto Tune app for audio armageddon

Android users annoyed at the ability of their iPhone-owning pals to annoy other folks with Auto-Tune ‘singing’ can rejoice: MicDroid, is here.

MicDroid, the first Android Auto-Tune app, is currently in the works, although the early version lacks all of the bells and whistles of the iPhone’s I am T-Pain app.

The current app lets you record audio clips that get filtered through the app’s auto-tuner to create that horribly familiar vocal style heard on zillions of generally crap R’n’B songs.

At the moment, MicDroid can’t manage real time audio distortions, but that’s expected in future versions.

It’s available for free in the Android Market, while an identical donation version (if you want to show your gratitude to the developer) is available for $2.99.