Apple ‘set to release’ the white iPhone4. Really. Who gives a chuff?

Apple supposedly set to release white iPhone4. Really. Who gives a chuff?

At times we have trouble understanding why a serious concern like Bloomberg should bother joining in with the pathetic Apple rumour mill, but here they are, trotting out some half-baked bollocks from some hopelessly vague source.

Old news

According to their riveting ‘news’ report, a white version of the ten month old iPhone 4 might possibly be released some time soon on AT&T and Verizon in the States. Well, whoppee-do.

Citing three unnamed people supposedly ‘familiar with the plans’  who – surprise, surprise –   ‘asked not to be identified,’ the thoroughly pointless, fact-free article follows the usual lines of these vacuous Apple ‘exclusives,’ offering absolutely nothing past wild rumour and empty speculation as fact.

It all wouldn’t be so laughable if they were talking about a brand new cutting edge phone, but we’re talking about a phone that’s getting on for being a year old, with the only thing of interest being a possible change of colour for the plastic outside. Like, wow.

To be honest, we suspect that all but the most rabid Apple fanboys are already thoroughly bored with the white iPhone4 saga by now, because it’s simply not news any more.

Meanwhile, Android sales have completely eclipsed those of the iPhone and a slew of real, actual,  high- end, brand new smartphones have been released recently. Now that’s what we’d call news.



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