Netflix movie streaming service launches in the UK, undercuts Lovefilm

The long-established US movie streaming service Netflix has finally launched in the UK, and will be serving up unlimited film streaming for just £5.99 a month.

Already signed up to content deals in the  UK are BBC Worldwide, Lionsgate UK and MGM, with others expected to be listed at the official announcement later today (there’s a fairly paltry selection currently on offer).

That’s a price that’s going to have its UK rival service Lovefilm feeling pretty uncomfortable as their comparable unlimited movie streaming deal costs a minimum of £9.99 a month (although that includes two DVDs at home at a time).

The £5.99 package offered by the Amazon-owned Lovefilm only offers a paltry two hours of streaming time each month, making the Netflix deal look a lot more enticing.

Given Amazon’s resources, we’re expecting a price war to break out in response which can only be good news for consumers.

Update: Lovefilm have immediately responded by reducing their prices to £4.99/month.

Here’s what the UK service will offer:

You can try Netflix for a free a free one month trial