Adobe shows off the wonder of Flash on HP’s soon-come Slate PC

Adobe shows off Flash on the HP Slate Device PC

Keen to show those beastly Flash-hating rotters at Apple just how useful the technology is for tablets and netbooks, Adobe has knocked out a promo videos showing off its capabilities.

Interestingly, HP’s new Slate device is used throughout the demo, and the combo of Windows 7 and Flash seems to add up to a seductive multimedia package, with Flash games, videos, AIR applications and other treats flying across the screen with gusto.

HP’s Slate

HP’s as-yet-unreleased Slate tablet PC looks set to come with all the usual tablety gizmos –  think: pinch-to-zoom,  multi-touch screen, video support, maps, newspaper downloads etc – as well as being rumoured to come with hardware-accelerated Flash for some extra whizz.

We’ve included HP’s short promo video below and you can catch a glimpse of the Slate’s fairly bog standard onscreen keyboard in action.

Although we’re still sold on Microsoft’s Courier tablet/book (if it ever arrives), HP’s Slate seems a fairly nimble package, and if it’s priced right, could be a contender.

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