Adobe throws down three iPad Photoshop apps for high end designers

Adobe throws down three iPad Photoshop apps for high end designers

Now nestling in Apple’s voluminous App Store is three shiny new Adobe iPad Photoshop apps, going under the names of Color Lava, Eazel, and Nav.

All are designed to work with Adobe’s painfully expensive, industry standard graphic editing package Photoshop CS5, with the cheapest of the three apps, the $1.99 Nav, turning the iPad into a wireless input surface.

This lets users create new files, open existing files, access sixteen frequently used Photoshop tools, customize the toolbar, and browse and zoom on up to 200 open Photoshop files.

The $2.99 Color Lava app lets creative types mix colours on the iPad’s screen and create custom swatches and themes, which can be fired over to the desktop copy of Photoshop CS5.

The most expensive app of the lot, the $4.99 Adobe Eazel, lets arty types finger paint on the iPad and then sync the completed meisterwork to the desktop Photoshop CS5 over Wi-Fi.

Although these three apps are iPad-exclusive, the development platform can be used on other platforms, so we can expect similar products for Android and Blackberry tablets in the future.

Do we actually need two screens?

We’re quite liking the look of these apps, but for many of the functions,  we reckon a keyboard shortcut would probably prove quicker than fannying about on a second screen.

We’ve also already got a graphics tablet and wonder if it wouldn’t be easy to just keep our eyes on the one screen, although we imagine for some users, this iPad/CS5 combo may well be perfect.

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