Apple updates iTunes to v9.0.2: Palm Pre blocked

Apple updates iTunes to version 9.0.2: Palm Pre blockedThis has been going on for so long now, we’re tempted just to keep on recycling the previous new stories, which would either state:

1. Huzzah! The Palm Pre firmware update means that iTunes will now sync with handset again
2. Boo! Apple’s latest firmware update has once again blocked the Pre from syncing with iTunes

Today, we’re going along with option 2, so can report that Apple’s updated iTunes version  9.0.2 once again blocks the Palm Pre from synchronising with the application.

We’re stuck on the fence about all these ridiculous schoolboy shenanigans: on the one hand, we’re fed up with Apple’s bully-boy, proprietary, control freak practices (you’ve bought the friggin tune from iTunes so you should be able to sync it with any device you God-damn like), while on the other hand we’re thinking that Palm should just stop arsing about and write their own conduit to sync with the application.

After all,  RIM managed to do it with their Desktop Manager’s BlackBerry Media Sync utility, and there’s several third party apps available capable of the same thing – so sort it out Palm (but we don’t mind if you keep on irritating Apple in the process).

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