Canon EOS 550D: “the most compelling DSLR of its class”

Canon EOS 550D: the most compelling DSLR of its class

Photography website DPReview has posted its review of the Canon EOS 550D / Rebel T2i dSLR, and as expected, it’s the most comprehensive of the lot, offering a 29 page, in-depth look at the entry level dSLR.


They enthused over the ‘excellent detail and resolution,’ waxed lyrical over the ‘lovely’ LCD screen, and grew positively moist at the
flexible AF system, high-spec video mode and overall fast and responsive operation.

They weren’t so keen, however, on the lack of a rear control dial, the cheapo ergonomics, and the lack of in-camera raw conversion.

Canon EOS 550D: the most compelling DSLR of its class

However, these were mere trifles, as the praise flowed freely in their conclusion:

Despite our (very minor) complaints, the EOS 550D is a very satisfying camera, and certainly offers the most compelling feature set of any nominally ‘entry level’ DSLR that we’ve used. It isn’t just about spec though – the 550D’s refined handling and excellent supplied software suite should not be overlooked.

Although it doesn’t represent a huge improvement over the 500D, the changes that have been made are worthwhile, and well-implemented. An external mic socket, manual control and wide choice of resolutions and frame rates means that the 550D is worthy of consideration for serious video use, and when paired with a high quality lens, image quality is superb.

With all this taken into account, it is hard not to recommend the EOS 550D. Quite simply, taken as a whole, it is the best camera of its class that we’ve ever seen, and one of those rare cameras that won’t look out of date in a couple of years’ time.

Declaring the camera to be ideal for “all-round use, enthusiasts looking for a bargain second body, or beginners that don’t want to outgrow their camera anytime soon,” the site slapped a coveted Gold Award on the snapper, commenting that, “in terms of both still and video capture, the 550D is currently the best camera of its type on the market.”

High praise indeed. Bag yourself a Canon EOS 500D Digital SLR Camera (incl. EF-S 18-55 mm IS Lens Kit) from Amazon.


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2 Comments on “Canon EOS 550D: “the most compelling DSLR of its class””

  1. Thanks for this post. The video functionality of the 550D is stunning (especially for the low-entry point). Extremely similar to the 7D, it should enable a lot more people to get into video dslr production! Hurrah!

  2. this is bad, this is so so so bad !!
    I’ve been looking and tossing and turning and going bananas over whether or not I should move “up” to a DSLR. Been using a simple Olympus Mju 600. Know nothing about photography… until I got my hands on my cousins Canon 1000D. Fell in love with it, and began scouting around, reading and learning all about digital cameras, lenses, jargons etc.
    Then… cost became something for me to consider… should I or shouldn’t I spend that kind of money for camera? … sigh…
    everywhere I turn… I’m seeing Canon 550D, Nikon 90D… magazines, papers, advertisements, websites… aarrgghhh!! (temptation, frustration, so bad it makes him cry)
    I’m THIS close to getting the 550D now… so…
    Thanks for this entry… I’m clinging on the edge of the fence separating “buy” and “not buy” with my last pinky!! and you’ve just stamped on me pinky and over I go to buy-DSLR-land!!
    Bad bad boy!!

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