Dell XPS 15z (not so) thin notebook guns for the MacBook Air

Dell XPS 15z ultra-thing notebook guns for the MacBook Air

It looks like Dell is poised and ready to have another stab at the luxury, high end notebook market, with a rival to Apple’s MacBook Air coming up over them thar hills later today.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Dell’s shiny ultra-thin offering, called the XPS 15z, will be the thinnest 15-inch laptop on the planet with prices starting at $999.

As you may well have observed, that’s the same price as the MacBook Air, except that Apple’s finest only comes with a piddly 11-inch screen, so it’s a case of ‘game on!’.

From what we can see there’s also a DVD/CD slot in there and a ‘chiclet’ style keyboard too. Which is rather nice.

We hope to get more info later, but for now, Dell have already released a teaser video which they hope will send your credit card into involuntary spasms.

Update: it turns out it’s not even slightly thin, so the MacBook Air is unlikely to be troubled by this bloated beast..

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4 Comments on “Dell XPS 15z (not so) thin notebook guns for the MacBook Air”

  1. Sadly for the WSJ and Dell, it’s not the thinnest 15″ laptop on the planet. It’s not even as thin as the Apple Macbook Pro 15″ –

    It’s more than twice the weight of a Macbook Air, even the 13″ one, and a full pound heavier than that 15″ Macbook Pro. The standard XPS 15z has the same screen resolution as the 13″ Air, but there is a nice Full HD option on the Dell for an extra £100

    UK price for the XPS 15z ( ) is £899 for the standard 2.3GHz i5 with 4GB and a 1366×768 screen.

    Nice machine and good value if you’re after a pretty solid Sandy Bridge Windows laptop.

  2. I don’t know why these people can’t just focus on coming up with their own designs tbh. This thing really looks like a poor mans MacBook Pro, is anyone who buys a dell windows machine really looking for an Apple rip off?

  3. Thin? Maybe in the 1970s that would be classed as thin. Typed on a Samsung 900X, i.e. a proper thin laptop/noteook.

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