Dell Zino HD tiny desktop PC looks quite loveable

Dell Zino HD tiny desktop PC looks quite loveable

We’re loving the look of  Dell’s stylish new range of super-small desktop PCs, with the Zino HD measuring up at just 7.8in by 7.8in and coming in a range of attractive colours.

The choice of energy efficient single or dual-core AMD Athlon processors means these little fellas should be cheap to run, and there’s options to install up to 8GB of DDR2 memory, with a choice of hard disks ranging from 160GB up to 1TB.

Graphics come in the shape of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 or 4330 chips, and there’s also the option to crank up the multimedia functionality to the max with a  Blu-ray reader/DVD burner combo.

Dell Zino HD tiny desktop PC looks quite loveablePowered by Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (Professional is available as an extra), connectivity looks well catered for with a 4-in-1 media card reader, four USB ports (2 front/2 rear), gigabit ethernet and 802.11n wireless, plus two eSATA ports and a single HDMI connection.

The Zino HD is available from Dell now, with prices start from £299 including VAT and shipping: not a bad deal in our book and certainly a very attractive alternative to its obvious rival, the Mac Mini.

Press release:


•        Brings Compact Size, Versatility and Power to Home Computing
•        Expands to a Powerful High-Definition Home Media centre
•        Personalised with Different Lid Colours, Range of Options

BRACKNELL, UK, Tuesday 17th November, 2009 – Dell(TM) today introduced the mini-sized InspironTM Zino HD, which is versatile enough to handle tasks from basic computing chores to driving a big-screen, High-definition video media centre. With a choice of colours, the Inspiron Zino HD can be easily personalised to add flair to any room in the home.

The News:

Dell Zino HD tiny desktop PC looks quite loveableStarting at £299 including VAT and delivery, the Inspiron Zino HD includes standard HD-capable integrated graphics, HDMI output and built-in networking that make it smart for typical home and student computing activities such as word processing, e-mail, organising photos and music, and surfing the Internet.

The economical Inspiron Zino HD, with optional additional memory, hard drive storage, combo Blu-ray Disc™ player, wireless remote control and Microsoft® Windows® 7 Media Player, can be configured into a powerful home media centre computer. In that capacity, the Inspiron Zino HD displays high-definition content from the Internet, and stores and delivers music, video and photos.

The Inspiron Zino HD is also ideal as an additional household PC that can fit in tight spaces and make home networking a cinch. It measures about 197millimetres square and 89 millimetres tall. While small in size, the Inspiron Zino HD is a big performer with:

– Ultra-small form factor designed to fit almost anywhere.

– Easy personalisation with 6 colour choices and 3 pattern choices for Inspiron Zino HD.

– Choice of AMD Athlon processors.

– Up to 8GB dual channel DDR 2 memory.

– Up to 1TB internal hard disk storage.

– Combo DVD/CD RW drive with optional Blu-ray Disc combo.

– Integrated 10/100/1000 networking with wireless option.

– Optional wireless keyboard and mouse.

– Built in 2.1 high-definition audio and 4-in-1 media card reader.

– Integrated ATI graphics adapter with standard HDMI and VGA video connections, and optional 512MB discrete graphics card.

– Four USB ports (2 front/2 rear); two eSATA ports (rear).

– Energy-Star 5.0 compliant.

A basic Inspiron Zino version without high-definition capability or upgrade options is also available starting at £249 including VAT and delivery.


“The Inspiron Zino HD proves again that great things can really come in small packages,” said David Clifton, Director of Consumer Marketing, Dell Europe. “It is a fashionable and functional computer that is small enough to fit almost anywhere in the home and can be personalised for the style-minded.”

The Inspiron Zino HD is available today directly from Dell at with a choice of Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional operating systems.


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