Google Chromecast on sale at Tesco for a bargain £18

Google Chromecast on sale at Tesco for a bargain £18

We fell in love with this wonderful little media-streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV and now Tesco are offering it at a bargain price.

Google Chromecast - twelve minute video walkthrough

It takes minutes to set up on your smartphone, Android tablet or laptop, and then you’ll be viewing tons of content like HDTV movies, TV shows, music and more from on-demand services including blinkbox, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies and Chrome.

Compatible with Android tablets and smartphones, iPhone and iPad devices, Chrome for Windows and Mac as well as Chromebooks, Tesco have the Chromecast on sale for just £18 – that’s £12 off its normal retail price of £30. A bargain!

They’re also lobbing in a free £5 free blinkbox credit, redeemable here.

Check out the video below to see what the wee gadget can do:


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3 Comments on “Google Chromecast on sale at Tesco for a bargain £18”

  1. Can someone explain to a stupid person how exactly this works? I’m used to connecting my HUDL to the telly with a HDMI lead, so one of these is far from essential, but at £18 it might be worth a look?

  2. it works thru ur wifi. It casts what ur watching on you tube on ur smartphone to ur tv. it used to cast all ur vids and pics but only casts you tube now.

  3. Thanks for the reply. 12 months on and I’m still using HUDL to HDMI pretty happily, although the Fire stick is looking tempting at 35 pounds.

    Anyone got one of those, or any other sub £50 alternatives?

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