Google Labs gives video chat a quality boost

Google Labs gives video chat a quality boost

After bubbling away in Google’s Labs, an enhanced image quality option for video chat is now ready for public consumption.

If you’re a fan of Google video chat, head over to your Gmail Labs tab under Settings, turn on “Video chat enhancements,” and you should immediately start seeing higher resolution video and a bigger video chat window.

Check out the difference with this beaming fella below:

Google Labs gives video chat a quality boost

Turn each other on

According to Google, the higher resolution video uses a new playback mechanism which “enables widescreen VGA and frees up valuable resources on your computer.”

To start splashing about in your own frothy cauldron of high quality chat, both you and the person you’re chatting with will need to have the new feature turned on.

The boffins at Google say that they plan to add more video chat enhancements to this lab in the future, and those will be turned on automatically as they’re released.

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