iPad gets Firemint’s Real Racing HD and Flight Control HD

iPad gets Firemint's Real Racing HD and Flight Control HD

With the launch of the iPad mere hours away for our US readers, app developers have been working themselves into a frenzy to upgrade their iPhone apps to suit the comparatively vast expanse of the Messiah Tablet’s screen.

Hotshot developer Firemint has been quick to ready two great looking apps, releasing bigger, better versions of Flight Control and Real Racing for the iPad.

Real Racing HD

The Real Racing HD app [$9.99 – iTunes link]  lets you spin around that big 1024×768 iPad screen with gusto, and looks fantastic in the demos.

There’s a Ghost Racing option letting you do your stuff against pre-recorded or downloaded performances, and with 48 cars, 12 tracks, 5 game modes to chose from, you should be vroom-vrooming for some time.

Flight Control HD

The Flight Control HD app  [$4.99 – iTunes link] builds on the success of the hugely popular iPhone game, and offers lusher graphics, multiplayer options, a new “Snow” airfield with variable wind,m making up 8 airfields in total.

There’s also a curious 3D view airfield that requires you to don 3D glasses, but you’ll have to shell out for the glasses yourself.


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