iPhone iLingual translation app – daft, but fun

iPhone iLingual translation app - daft, but funApple’s App Store may well be stuffed to over-flowing with pointless, daft and just plain rubbish apps, but sometimes we spot something that brings a smile to our faces – like this fabulously silly iPhone iLingual translation app.

The app gets rid of stuffy old dictionaries and lets you ‘speak’ French, German or a little bit of Arabic – with your own lips.

To use the app, you first take a photo of your mouth which iLingual analyses and converts into a series of speaking animations.

Then, when you’re roaming a distant land, you simply select the phrase you want to speak from a choice of 400 phrases and put your iPhone over your mouth – and then amuse/baffle/weird out Johnny Foreigners as your animated lips speak the phrase.

Of course, you’ll look like an absolute idiot using the thing, but that’s part of the fun – even the traditional Parisian dislike of all things rosbif may be thawed out a bit if you strut into a boulangerie with this thing flapping on your iPhone.

iLingual is a free sponsored app, and looks perfect for Paris la Nuit on the Kronenbourg 1664.



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