It’s official: Apple hogs disproportionate amount of media coverage

It'a official: Apple hogs disproportionate amount of media coverage

A new study has confirmed what folks with only a passing interest in technology probably already suspected: Apple attracts a disproportionate amount of media attention.

Research from the Pew Research Center showed Apple accounting for no less than 15.1% of all tech articles, compared with 11.4% for Google, 7.1% for Twitter, 4.8% for Facebook and 3% for Microsoft.

iPhone the biggest story

Looking at 437 stories penned by 52 US media outlets across TV, radio, print and web over 12 months up to June 2010, Pew also discovered that the iPhone 4 hogged the most coverage, bagging a hefty 6.4% of all coverage, while the iPad accounted for 4.6%.

In comparison, Microsoft’s new  Windows 7 operating system could only muster a mere 0.5% of the tech coverage.

Commenting on the figures, Pew’s deputy director Amy Mitchell said that Apple’s “very public way of releasing products” helped fuel the endless Apple press blitzkrieg, but expressed surprise that they should have such a large lead over Google.

Endless Apple, all the time

And if you wonder who’s so interested in reading endless stories about Apple, Apple and yet more ruddy Apple, meet the kind of folks who really can’t get enough:

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