Kindle adds page numbers and social networking links

Kindle adds page numbers and social networking links

It’s been one of our biggest gripes with the otherwise splendid Kindle, but Amazon are now adding page numbers to their e-books which will match the page numbers in their respective print editions.

‘Andy for academics

For academics and students who need to quickly reference and cite passages this should make eBooks a more attractive alternative, with the upgrade coming as an over-the-air software update soon.

Page numbers will be coming to Kindle’s various mobile apps “in the coming months,” with the Kindle update also including new newspaper and magazine layouts offering “quicker discovery and navigation.”

Users will be able to automatically share their book notes and highlights with their personal network and other Kindle readers if they so desire.

Social networked up

Amazon want you to share your booky booky opinions with the world, so at the end of each book, users will be prompted to rate their read in the Kindle Store, and to post up their thoughts to social networks – and also see recommendations for further reads.

Get the update

If you’re in a hurry, you can manually update your Kindle here otherwise the over-the-air update will be hurtling through the ether to Kindle devices in the near future.


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