Microsoft video attacks iPhone’s app rejection policies

Microsoft attacks iPhone's app rejection policiesMicrosoft has decided to take a pot shot at Apple’s iTunes App Store as they attempt to drum up interest in their own Windows Markeplace store for Windows Mobiles.

Developers have long been frustrated by Apple’s arcane, bizarre and sometimes moralistic policies on what apps get rejected from their lucrative store, with the Google Voice rejection being a notable recent example.

That said, there’s no denying that the iTunes App Store is the largest mobile application store on the planet, with some excellent applications competing for space in a tsunami of dull, duplicated and downright rubbish apps.

Here’s what Tech Crunch said about it:

The thing that really bothers me about the move is that Apple is now actively stifling innovation. Google Voice is the kind of service that can actually have a positive impact on your life, and not in a frivolous, entertainment-related sense. It makes it easier to connect with people, and to manage those connections. Apple can point to the App Store’s 50,000 applications all it wants, but how many of them could truly be called groundbreaking? Are they really putting a dent in the universe?

Keen to exploit the disquiet about Apple’s complex rejection/approval process, Microsoft have knocked out a YouTube video (below).

We rather liked the virtual handshake one called the “Germaphobe.” Is there an app for that?

We’re not sure Microsoft – with its creaking and papered over Windows Mobile operating system – is any position to criticise Apple, but – hey! – the video’s quite amusing.

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