Running Mac OSX on a netbook – it can be done!

Running Mac OSX on a netbook - it can be done!

Although Mr Jobs and his Apple chums have decided on your behalf that really don’t want a nice, convenient, small netbook running your favourite OS, there appears to be no shortage of folks who really would rather like such a creation.

With no official channels open to anyone wanting the twin joys of Mac OSX and a wee netbook,  the team at myMacNetbook have compiled a handy set of guides for filling up those wee cheap PCs with Apple magic.

Running Mac OSX on a netbook - it can be done!Compatibility charted

To get you started, they’ve put together a Mac OS X netbook compatibility chart, showing what features will work with individual netbooks.

The netbooks are listed against tick boxes for showing compatibility with important features such as Bluetoot, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, audio, power management etc.

Once Mac OSX has been installed, a surprisingly high amount of netbooks can run with all the features present and correct – a proposition which may prove tempting to Apple fans unimpressed with the basic specs and multi-tasking fail of the iPad.

Not a simple job

It has to be said that installing Mac OSX on to a netbook is not a job for the feint hearted, although many have reported success.

A few  guides for individual Dell and HP netbooks can be found here, and there’s a forum (hosted by InsanelyMac) to help you iron out any issues.

We’d love to have get our Asus Eee 901 purring along on the Mac OSX but – to be honest – we’re sure we’d screw up the installation.

Have any of you tried installing OSX on your netbook? Tell us more!


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3 Comments on “Running Mac OSX on a netbook – it can be done!”

  1. Thanks for this link. Following it onto another site – – that offers “your money back” for one of its eyetv football products “if England wins” the World Cup. Good marketing with a sense of humour.

  2. I’m waiting for my refurbed Dell Mini 10v to be delivered (the Dell Outlet has some good deals), and I have everything ready to back up the Windows 7 Starter that comes installed and replace it with Snow Leopard.

    Not expecting it to be a great experience compared to my 4 year old Macbook, but it’ll be smaller and less of a risk while I’m out.

  3. I recently purchased a refurbed Lenovo S10 ($180) and installed OS-X on the machine. It runs great… and the experience is so much better than Windows, at least for a netbook. I was a PC only person but for a netbook I recommend OSX. Also applications run good, faster than XP. I can watch videos (720p), etc. Only complaint is a few dialog boxes run off the screen and you cannot move windows as easily. I have a 80% scaling app that fixes this.

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