Samsung unveils uber-stylish S27A970 27-inch 9 Series monitor. And it’s going to cost

Samsung unveils uber-stylish S27A970 27-inch 9 Series monitor

The jury is still out on its unusual looks, but no one could accuse Samsung of creating a “me too” device, with its new S27A970 27-inch Series 9 monitor making a striking statement on the desktop.

Samsung unveils uber-stylish S27A970 27-inch 9 Series monitor

The second-generation Series 9 monitor includes the company’s proprietary Natural Colour Expert technology and slams down a  hefty 2560×1440 screen resolution.

With each monitor apparently hand tuned for colour balance by an engineer, you can expect the price tag for this beauty to sway towards the ‘OMG!’ scale of things, but we can already imagine trendy design agencies bagging a few.

The swanky monitor comes with Samsung’s Plane Line Switching, DisplayPort, Dual Link-DVI and HDMI video connections, USB hub, 7W stereo speakers and a Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) for MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets.

“Interest in user-generated content and a premium computing experience is growing as consumers are demanding products that allow them to better view, edit and share their photos, videos and entertainment content,” said Samsung UK’s Neil Sawyer

“The new Series 9 monitor, with Samsung’s exclusive Natural Colour Expert technology, answers the need for higher resolution and meticulous detail editing, regardless of the job,” he added.

“Its unique minimalist design draws users in for truly immersive computing and delivers Samsung’s signature best-in-class viewing experience.”


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