T-Mobile finally releases iPhone 4 monthly/PAYG tariffs

T-Mobile finally releases iPhone tariffs

They’ve taken an eternity to make their minds up, but T-Mobile has finally unveiled its iPhone 4 prices to UK users.

24 month contracts everywhere

Anyone hoping for a bargain can jog on, as T-Mobile’s prices are more or less in line with the other major networks, with an iPhone 4 16GB costing £259 on a £25 a month contract and the 32GB version hitting you harder at £349.

Both are on beastly 24 month long contracts with 100 minutes, a stingy 100 texts and a measly 500MB data cap bundled.

Free iPhone 4 16GB

The 16GB version is available for free  if you’re prepared to shell out £60 a month for the next two years of your life, and for that you get unlimited minutes, 500 texts and 1GB of data.

Pay as you go

A 16GB iPhone4 on pay-as-you-will cost you £499, which is the same as Apple’s prices, but sweetened by a year of free internet access thrown in.

Launch date?

The prices may have finally creaked out of T-Mobile’s offices, but the company have declined to report on launch and stock availability, with their website currently only inviting users to register their interest.

Monthly contract tariffs

T-Mobile finally releases iPhone tariffs

Pay As You Go tariffs

T-Mobile finally releases iPhone tariffs

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  1. Doesn’t look like there is much in the way of discounts knocking about anywhere. Not surprising really, given the phone’s popularity….

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