Tablets: mainly used at home for gaming and searching for info

Tablets: mainly used for gaming and searching for info

A new survey by Google’s AdMob subsidiary has found that tablet owners are using the devices primarily for games.

The research discovered that 84 per cent of tablet owners were busy shooting aliens, driving cars and catapulting Angry Birds into curious constructions, while 78 per cent used them for searching for information, emailing (74 per cent) and reading the news (61 per cent).

Tablets: mainly used for gaming and searching for info

It’s a stay at home device

The vast majority of users – 82 per cent – said that they primarily used their tablets at home, against  11 per cent who used them on the go, and just 7 per cent who dragged them into work.

With the growth of smaller, more portable tablets – like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC Flyer – it’ll be interesting to see if users start carrying them around more.

For over a quarter of users, the tablet has become their main computer, with 43 per cent now spending more time playing on the tablet than on their desktop or laptop computer.

One in three said that they now spend more time on their tablet than they do watching TV.

Tablets: mainly used for gaming and searching for info

Socially connected

Well over half (56 per cent) of the 1,400 tablet owners in the US said that they used the devices for reading and posting on social networking services, with 51 per cent used them to play music and videos, while 46 per cent read ebooks.

The March 2011 survey doesn’t specify the make of tablets, although with iPad hogging the lion’s share of the US market, it’s obviously going to be predominately Apple users responding.

Google found that tablets were mostly used on weekdays and evenings, with 62 per cent saying they used tablets more in the night.

[Download the study -PDF]


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