The Androids are here! Geminoid robot looks just like its master.

Created by the Aalborg University in Denmark, this startlingly realistic android is an update of the original Geminoid robot created by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro of ATR in 2005.

It lives!

Although the 2010 model is considerably less complex than the Japanese creation, it is spookily human in its movements, appearing to breathe and move in a very realistic manner.

Here’s how the project is introduced on the project’s website.

Introduction to Geminoid research

The first geminoid, HI-1, was created in 2005 by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro of ATR and the Tokyo-based firm, Kokoro. A geminoid is an android, designed to look exactly as its master, and is controlled through a computer system that replicates the facial movements of the operator in the robot.

In the spring of 2010, a new geminoid was created.  The new robot, Geminoid-F was a simpler version of the original HI-1, and it was also more affordable, making it reasonable to acquire one for humanistic research in Human Robot Interaction.

Geminoid|DK will be the first of its kind outside of Japan, and is intended to advance android science and philosophy, in seeking answers to fundamental questions, many of which that have also occupied the Japanese researchers. The most important questions are:

– What is a human?
– What is presence?
– What is a relation?
– What is identity?

We intend to pursue these questions while looking at areas such as emotional affordances in HRI, the novel concept of Blended Presence, and by studying cultural differences in the perception of robots.

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[Aalborg University in Denmark]