Windows Phone 7 series: new, different and very fresh – video

Windows Phone 7 series: new, different and fresh

Microsoft has launched the latest update to its mobile phone operating system, with the all-new Windows phone 7 series serving up a radical and dramatic redesign.

Microsoft has wisely decided to just about wipe out the legacy of its much maligned Windows Mobile OS, with the new Windows Phone 7 Series offering a thoroughly original and modern interface to banish those stylus-driven WM moments.

In other words, forget about the usual shaded icons, drop shadows, faux 3D, grid interfaces or busy backgrounds and say hello to a new and clean typographic look, backed with slick transition animations.

Microsoft has integrated  Xbox Live on to the OS ( linked to your Live profile), and there’s also multi touch browsing, Bing and Bing Maps integration, with tight integration with Zune.

As expected, there’s tight social media integration, with users able to post status updates and photos to multiple services at once, and updates from friends can be streamed to the home screen.

Gizmodo are already describing it as, “the most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone.”

More news as we get it.

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2 Comments on “Windows Phone 7 series: new, different and very fresh – video”

  1. This looks way better than I expected and looks Microsoft could be back in the game – especially after reading about the half baked MeeGo UI today.

  2. Where’s the browser? That’s my most used ‘app’. Couldn’t give a toss about status updates.

    Still reasonably interesting, for those of us seriously considering leaving the iPhone walled-garden. Not sure I can get past my knee-jerk anti-ballmer/windows hatred though 🙂

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