Samsung releases awful ‘punk rock’ advert for the ‘rebellious’ Galaxy S4

Samsung releases 'punk rock' advert for Galaxy S4

Samsung’s latest advert for its GALAXY S4 smartphone is a curious affair as it barely shows the phone, preferring to feature a stick thin model pointlessly cavorting about to a cod-tribal punky beat. It’s awful.

Samsung releases 'punk rock' advert for Galaxy S4

The end result is about as punk rock as Black Lace, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung posting up a load of cringeworthy nonsense about their 30 seconds of nonsense:

Samsung’s new GALAXY S4 highlights its rebellious innovations through the lens of punk couture. Here, technology meets punk’s fast-paced and energetic display of rebellion.

A £600 handset is not rebellious. It’s just expensive. STFU.

And now here’s some real punk music.