Adept Quattro: the fastest packaging robot in the world

Adept Quattro: the fastest packaging robot in the worldThere’s something curiously hypnotic about watching this video clip of the Adept Quattro robot packager in action.

A parallel robot specifically designed for high-speed manufacturing, packaging, material handling and assembly application, the Adept Quattro s650H has recently set a robotic record by bursting through the 300 cycle per minute barrier.

Nippier than a rocket-powered Billy Whizz on amphetamines, the Quattro is officially the fastest robot on the planet – check out the amazing video below:

Rush LaSelle, director of global sales and marketing for Adept Technology Inc was keen to big up the super-snappy ‘bot:

The Quattro robot is the fastest robot in the world and its advantages over conventional robots not only include faster cycles and settling times but increased payload and more consistent performance throughout the workspace.

The Quattro robot is specifically designed for high speed manufacturing, packaging, material handling, and assembly applications. His design “unique” (kinematic four-arm parallel configurations unlike traditional three-arm) can achieve higher speeds, quicker acceleration, with a similar quality to conventional robots. Its four motors share the load and contribute to the movement by reducing the load on the various joints and allowing higher speeds and higher payloads.

We feel tired just looking at the thing, but it gives a good insight into how robotics are going to impact more and more on our lives, freeing people from crap, repetitive jobs (we once worked in a factory packing car batteries, and would have killed for ol’ Quattro to pop in).


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