All-conquering Google rules the mobile search market share

Google bag 98.29% of the mobile search market share

As world domination goes, this is almost as good as it gets for Googlem with the company currently boasting an incredible mobile search market share of 98.29%.

No rivals in sight

It’s difficult to describe Yahoo as a ‘competitor’ seeing as it can only muster a paltry 0.8% market share, but they’re the nearest anyone can get to the all-conquering Google, with Microsoft’s Bing barely scraping even half of that share.

Google bag 98.29% of the mobile search market share

Pies and puddings

Using global visitor stats from more than three million websites, the stats show Google grabbing not just a big slice of this increasingly lucrative and fast-growing segment,  but just about the while godamn pie. And the pudding.

The stats were compiled by StatCounter, with – who created the natty bar graph above* – observing:

  • Google’s mobile search market share dominance is almost complete. The company has made an incredible land grab in the mobile sector. Compare this to the other search engines. None of them have managed to claim even one percent of the mobile search market.
  • Google’s piece of the mobile search pie is even larger than their already impressive share of the overall search engine market. For Yahoo and Bing, the situation is the opposite. Their mobile efforts are nothing compared to their search engine market share.
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    * Note: the search market share does NOT include mobile search in the graphic

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