Android 2.2 Froyo update: what’s new [video]

Android 2.2. Froyo update: what's new

Google has officially announced the next update to its Android mobile operating system (“Froyo”), with a compelling selection of new features and speed improvements making up a formidable package.

Employing a techie-sounding ‘Dalvik VM Just-In-Time’ (JIT) compiler, Google reckons Froyo will run 2 – 5x faster thanbefore, while  Javascript has also enjoyed 2-3x speed hike, making it Android’s ‘fastest mobile browser on the market.’ Woohoo!

Support for Adobe Flash has been added, there’s tethering (so you can use your handset as a 3G dongle to get laptops online) and the ability to function as a mobile WiFi Hotspot so multiple devices can share your connection.

Another huge improvement is the long awaited ability to move installed apps off main memory and onto microSD cards (huzzah!), and now user-approved apps can automatically update.

Check out the video for more:

Featured Enhancements

(from AndroidTapp)

  • No Flash initially installed however you download it from the Android Market.
  • Wi-Fi tethering and Portable Hotspot!!!
  • Updated Google Search bar to include dropdown for All, Web, Apps or Contacts search. Plus choose which items are searchable… not just those previously mentioned yet specific apps; Messaging, Twitter, Music, etc.

System, Hardware and Settings

  • There are now different color highlights for the trackball. Initially it would either do white or blue when using Bluetooth. Now any color can be used, typically set within apps if the feature is available.
  • I’m not sure what to call this memory, but usually when I kill apps using apps like Taskiller there is between 30-75MB of memory that can be freed up. Now it’s up to 218MB.
  • Phone and Browser quick launch are along side the app launcher.
  • Personalized search results saved to your Gmail profile.
  • Can allow offensive words in voice recognition settings.

Core Apps: Gmail, Contacts, Messaging, Facebook, Market, Talk, Car Home

  • Updated Market with auto-update settings, update all apps feature, and updated layout.
  • Updated Gmail app to finally include Previous/Next buttons when reading emails (shame that simple feature was just now implemented). Plus jump between accounts by tapping the email address in header versus pressing Menu button then tap Accounts.
  • Finally no dark theme in Messaging & Google Talk apps, slight face lift.
  • Contacts with multiple similar calls grouped together which can be toggled to show more detail.
  • More Settings in Camera app; Focus Mode, Store location in photo metadata, White Balance options, toggle Flash, Zoom options. For Video; Color effects (Mono, Sepia, Negative, Posterize, etc), White Balance, toggle Flash, toggle Video Quality (even a custom setting for high quality for YouTube capped at 10 minutes).
  • New Car Home design.

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