Android to overtake iPhone in three years, Symbian still rules

Android to overtake iPhone in three years, Symbian still rules According to tech analysts Gartner, Android phones will be more popular than iPhones by 2012, with the Google mobile operating system becoming the second-largest smartphone platform on the planet.

Although the mobile OS currently trails a considerable distance behind the all-conquering iPhone, Gartner spoddy dude Ken Dulaney reckons it’ll climb to grab 14.5 percent of the market by the end of 2012, with estimated sales of  76 million phones sold in that year.

Android’s burgeoning sales would come at the expense of  Symbian’s market share, with the current market leader’s chunk being knocked down to a still-impressive  39 percent (203 million phones).

This would leave the iPhone in third place, with 13.7 percent of the market, shifting 71.5 million devices.

Windows, Blackberry and webOS

Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS are expected to struggle to improve on their existing rankings, with Gartner putting them at 12.8 percent (66.8 million units) and 12.5 percent (65.25 million) respectively in 2012.

Linux-based devices like the Nokia N900 would amble along with 5.4 percent of the market (28 million units) with Palm’s webOS making do with a decidedly modest 2.1 percent, or 11 million smartphone sales.

Android to overtake iPhone in three years, Symbian still rules

Loads o’Androids

Dulaney reckons that Android’s rise would be driven by Google and the expected growth of the Android Market, with the anticipated onslaught of new Andriod handsets likely to appeal to a wider demographic

Up to 20 Android powered phones will be using the Google OS this year, and that could rise to as many as 40 next year.

We’re taking these figures with an almighty mountain of salt, mind.

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  1. It’s not about just the software, like Microsoft, or hardware, like Motorola. It’s about total use experience. What it matters to Apple is iPhone be the best in total experience.

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