Apple iPad: runs iPhone apps, 10 hours battery life

Apple iPad: more details emerge

More details are coming out about the iPad at today’s launch.

Sporting a full capacitive multi-touch screen, the 0.5inch thin  tablet will run on a 1GHz Apple A4 chip and offer 16GB to 64GB flash memory capacity, and come with Bluetooth 2.1EDR.

Apple iPad: more details emerge

Seeing as it appears to be an iPhone on steroids, it will run just about all of the apps in the App Store, although almost all of those will be scaled up – so you can expect mahoosive sized text on the iPad’s bigger screen.

However, dedicated apps will be coming through – an example of a new Facebook app was showed off at the launch and it looked very nice indeed.

As widely rumoured, a new app for the New York Times presents the paper in a very readable fashion – making Amazon’s Kindle look positively Stone Age.

Apple iPad: more details emerge

With so many games breaking through on the iPhone platform, Apple are sure to be pushing this hard as a gaming platform.

The examples shown so far look fabulous, with a fulll screen racing game looking to match the best consoles.

Battery life is pegged at a healthy ten hours of video, although we expect it’ll be a lot less when you’ve got a lot more going on.

[Pics: Engadget]

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  1. It would make sense for Apple to launch a basic sub-iphone to accompany this. With a camera, Ipod and obviously a phone but without the full web functionality of the iphone.

  2. Looks good, but will it be the total media travel companion and allow me to upload my 5D Mark II’s raw files and work with them? Does it have a slot to plug in an external hard drive? Otherwise almost, but not quite what I’m looking for and I’ll get an Asus Netbook…

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