Augmented reality apps for the iPhone

With onboard GPS, cameras and big screens making up most modern smartphones, there’s growing opportunities for you to walk the streets like a member of the Borg collective, with your iPhone feeding you a funky augmented vision.

The TechRadar team have slung together their top eight augmented reality apps for the iPhone, including the rather scary one above (TAT Augmented ID) which uses Flickr face recognition to identify a face and then surround it onscreen with their profiles from social networking sites.

Being based in London, we could see more use for the Nearest Tube app which might come in useful after a long night at the Garlic & Shots bar in the West End.

The £1.19 app shows nearest tube stations around you, so you know which direction to stumble off into.

If these two have whetted your appetite, check out Techradar’s 8 awesome augmented reality apps for iPhone feature for a veritable feast of augmented reality apps for the iPhone.

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