Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the iPhone: “mind blowing”

Geardiary have got their hands on an early iPhone version of the voice to text transcription software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and they seem more than chuffed with its capabilities.

How well can it convert voice to text? Well, according to GearDiary, it’s the bees knees:

I’m telling you I cannot believe how accurate this is. The transcription usually requires very little, if any editing, at all before I am able to send it. It continually blows my mind.

Scroll down for a video of the app in action – judging by the demo it really is good enough to replace iPhone’s keyboard, so long as you don’t. mind. talking. like. a .robot.

As I said, this application has become a must-have application for me. The truth is I very rarely type on the iPhone any longer. Thanks to Dragon on the iPhone. The big question that remains for me — how much is it going to cost what it ultimately rolls out into the app store? I hope it’s not too much but regardless of the cost, I suspect I’ll still be using the application as I move forward.


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  1. Well I’m surprised at this. I went through a phase of trying all the available speech to text software on the Mac a few years ago. It never worked as advertised, even with extensive training (and I’m a voiceover so I’d like to think I am pretty good at speaking clearly).

    Fingers crossed!

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