Firefox 4 Beta adds well sorted multi-touch support [video]

Firefox 4 Beta adds awesome Multi-touch support

Mozilla has released its latest version of the Firefox 4 Beta, with the updated browser packing a truckload of bug fixes and some mighty impressive mullti-touch functionality.

Total redesign

A major upgrade over its predecessors, Firefox 4 Beta Version 3 serves up a completely redesigned user interface, plus enhanced HTML5 support, hardware-accelerated HD video, WebSockets and enhanced add-on support via Jetpack.

A JavaScript update lets Firefox execute graphics and animations with more efficiency, with all the new tech combining to let Le Frenchman in the video below do some tres snazzy stuff with ‘is fingers:

No touch for Mac

Of course, you’ll need a touchscreen to start running wildly through these mysterious forests of multi-touch functionality and the groovy stuff will only happen if web developers bolt on all these cool touch gizmos on their websites.

The beta is available now, but only works on Windows 7 at the mo’.

To get you in the mood to download, here’s a swirly demo of the browser doing what it does best:

[Firefox 4 Beta]

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