Free iPhone apps: a personal top ten

iPhone apps: a personal top tenI thought I’d make a list of the things I’m impressed by on the iPhone at the moment. Blackberry and Palm Pre users please look away now. All these things are free.

Tweetdeck. I’m an unashamed twitterholic and this newly updated widget makes it all so easy. And if you set up an account it syncs with the version on your desktop. .

Sky News. It makes me grit my teeth to say this but their app works brilliantly. But they should incorporate their bloggers to make it rule utterly.

NY Times. Their net offering works better on the iPhone than it does on the web. Authoritative US journalism delivered to your phone.

I’m also trying out Zen News which is an original graphic take on the world’s headlines. Not convinced by it yet though. .

TV Guide. The UK TV listings at your fingertips. Very handy when you need to sort your reality viewing.

Free iPhone apps: a personal top tenThe Trainline. Tried this rail timetable tool out while we were walking down in Sussex at the beginning of the week and needed some train times from Haslemere. Simple to use and worked brilliantly…and it’s free unlike its competitor, National Rail Enquiries, which was still £4.99 when I checked this morning.

Currency. Handy little thing for working out how much the bill is in Sterling when you’re travelling. Quietly pops onto the net to find out how the pound is doing so it’s always up to date.

Kayak. Its designers say this finds the cheapest flights from wherever you are to wherever you need to go. Looks on a number of sites, including that of Easyjet apparently. And it has an option to book a car and a hotel at the other end. I’m quite impressed but I think I’d still feel happier doing that sort of high cost operation on my PC.

Rightmove. Watching houseprices rise and fall is my guilty pleasure.

Speedtest. A bit nerdy this. Basically it’s a handy little program which measures the speed of your net connection. It’s also available on the web which is handy when lambasting your ISP over low bandwidth.

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