Fuji X-E1 compact system camera shows off its sweet retro style in more leaked pics

Fuji X-E1 compact system camera shows off sweet retro looks in leaked pics

These leaked photos of a rather delicious-looking, retro styled compact system camera show off what is claimed to be Fuji’s new upmarket X-E1 snapper.

umoured to be a X-Pro 1style but without the fabulous hybrid viewfinder, the X-E1 packs an EVF viewfinder and does look rather spiffing:

Expected to slip into Fuji’s enthusiast range below the X-Pro 1, the silver and black stunner sees the fabulous hybrid viewfinder being shown the door in the name of cost-cutting, with the X-E1 being fitted with an EVF finder.

On the top plate can be seen a shutter speed dial running from B (‘bulb’) to 1/4000, and a handy exposure compensation dial offering +/-2 adjustment.

Nothing’s been announced yet, but the specs look to include the same 16MP sensor as in the X-Pro1 (with max ISO of 25,600), as well as the same video recording capabilities.

A top speed of 6 fps has been quoted here, with the camera sporting a light magnesium body, improved AF speed, mic input and a retail price below $1000.

Fujifilm X-E1 compact camera

Available in black and silver finishes, the X-E1 is rumoured to be hitting the shops before Christmas.


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