Google Chrome Web Store goes live

Google Chrome Web Store is live

The Google Chrome Web Store we reported on a short while ago has now officially gone live.

There’s quite a few apps now available for your downloading pleasure, with both and paid varieties on offer.

Top paid apps

It’s clearly early days, but the current top three paid apps are the $1.99 Toddler Jukebox, the £1.99 LockMaster guessing game and the Wordico crossword game which is $4.99 per year.

Google Chrome Web Store is live

There’s also a slick New York Times app available, while a feast of Google apps head up the most popular free section, including GMail., Google Docs, Gogle Calendar and YouTube – check out the rest of the  popular apps here.

As well as apps, the web store features Chrome extensions and themes, so feel free to pop in for a browse.

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  1. We are seeing a new development on PC computing with the introduction of Chrome OS and its web store. New PC will only be needing a Chrome OS to connect to the internet and buy their software as apps on at the web store. I hope this translates to lower software prices.

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