Google Docs bolts on extra sharing and privacy options

Google Docs gets sharing and privacy update

Google has been putting in some considerable effort to make their Google Docs cloud service a real alternative to Microsoft’s all conquering Office suite.

Already offering a web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form and data storage service, Google Docs is now looking to make sharing and collaboration simpler, as well as introducing extra privacy controls.

Google Docs now sports a simplified interface to make it easier to share docs and to see who you’re sharing them with, as this video explains:

Three steps to security heaven

The revamp introduces three levels of privacy to documents, spreadsheets and presentations which can now be labelled, “Private,” “Anyone with a link” or “Public on the web,” with all new documents set to private by default.

These options appear as a link next to the title of every doc, and give access to a new interface where users can see who has access to the docs, manage sharing access and invite others to share the doc.

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