Google hits a record-crushing one billion users in May 2011

Google hits a record one billion users in May 2011

New research reveals that Google and its empire of related website were used by more than a billion people for the first time last month.

The landmark figure was thrust out into the word by stat-botherers ComScore, and reflects a year on year rise of 8.4 per cent for the search giants, with Google’s numbers boosted by growing GMail and YouTube traffic.

In second place and enjoying considerable gains were Microsoft, who bagged 905 million unique visitors in May, up approximately 15 per cent over the year.

However, the fastest rising fellas in town were – unsurprisingly – Facebook which saw traffic rise by 30 per cent to snap up 714 million unique users.

This hike saw the social networking site swerve ahead of Yahoo, despite an 11 per cent year on year rise taking the venerable search company to 689 million users.

Mahoosive growth

Back in 2006 when ComScore first started waving around their measurement rods, Google had just under  500 million unique users per month, while Microsoft sat at the top with 539 million.

Google may be getting the most eyeballs, but folks are spending more time on Facebook, with the social networking site  wasting 250 billion precious minutes in May.

By comparison, Google’s greater user base were only entertained for 200 billion minutes.


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