Google: “Over 300,000 Android handsets activated every day”

Google: 'Over 300,000 Android handsets activated every day'

Android’s explosive growth continues apace, with Google’s Andy Rubin announcing via Twitter that the company is seeing no less than 300,000 Android phones being activated every day.

This represents a massive leap in sales over the last few months, adding over 100,000 activations per day over over numbers Google confirmed back in August.

Google: 'Over 300,000 Android handsets activated every day'

The news is likely to send Apple boss Steve ‘grumpy’ Jobs into even moodier deaths seeing as he publicly quibbled over the August figure, casting doubt on how the total had been arrived at while insisting that Apple’s iOS was more successful.

The future is robot shaped

However you spin the facts, it seems that Android is set to take over the world, with their domination powered by an increasingly desirable range of smartphones like the HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S and the new Google Nexus S.

Add to that a slew of Android-fuelled tablet computers entering the market and the future certainly looks bright for Google’s platform.

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