Gorillacam camera app for the iPhone serves up 1.6 pics per second

Gorillacam camera app for the iPhoneBrought to you by the company that created the legendary Gorillapod bendable tripods, the new Gorillacam app introduces a slew of useful tools to improve your iPhone snapping.

The free app adds a ton of nifty improvements to the iPhone’s basic snapper, including timed shots, time-lapse, burst mode, grid overlay and more.

Best of all, Gorillacam’s Auto-Save feature gets rid of that annoying wait for the phone to save photos, working in the background to save images while you can fire off pictures at up to 1.6 photos per second.

There’s also a 3-Shot burst which rattles off three quick photographs with one tap and a useful feature that lets you take a photo by shoving your digit anywhere on the screen.

The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. We reckon it’s definitely worth a download.

App features:

Gorillacam camera app for the iPhone


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2 Comments on “Gorillacam camera app for the iPhone serves up 1.6 pics per second”

  1. It’s ok but for some reason it’s places the shots in a weird place in the photo album. Also you have to wait up to half a minute to access burst shots…

  2. I guess that’s the iPhone’s CPU trying to catch up. I’ll give this a go though as the camera is awful on my iPhone.

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