Honda’s ASIMO humanoid robot continues to thrill

Honda ASIMO humanoid robot continues to thrill

We’ve been fascinated by Honda’s incredible ASIMO humanoid robot project, and find its tantalising glimpse of the future irresistible. We want one!

Honda has put together a collection of HDTV videos showing off the robot’s remarkable abilities and there’s loads more to discover on their site dedicated to the little fella.

Quite a few videos of the huggable humanoid are also available on YouTube, and we’ve included a selection below.

In the video below, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University show off how Honda’s humanoid robot, ASIMO, can walk towards a goal while avoiding all sorts of stationary and moving obstacles. It’s astonishingly clever:

This older video shows multiple ASIMOs greeting visitors at Honda’s Head Office in Aoyama, Tokyo. The fluidity of movement is incresible, even if the motor noise makes it sound like it’s got a seriously scuffing trousers.

Here’s a 60 second Honda global corporate advertisement:

And, finally, here’s a short documentary showing the development of Honda robots:

More ASIMO videos

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