Make way! Google Street View Trike coming through!

Google has come up with a foxy way to capture street view data in areas inaccessible to their traditional camera cars: the Street View Trike.

Basically a three wheel trike with an omnidirectional camera and GPS widgets on top, the trike lets Google grab photos from scenic running routes, cycling trails, college campuses and similar car-unfriendly locations.

To keep the Google tricyclists gainfully employed, you can tell them of places worthy of being photographed, choosing from locations in six categories: Parks & Trails, University Campuses, Theme Parks & Zoos, Pedestrian Malls (ie: outdoor shopping areas, boardwalks), Landmarks and Sports Venues (ie: golf courses, racing tracks, stadium grounds).

This appears to be US only, so there’s no point telling them to look sharp and get their Lycra-clad arses over to Peckham Rye Park pronto, but US nominations are open until October 28, and can be submitted here.


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