Microsoft Surface Pro launches in the US on Feb 9th, priced from $899

Microsoft Surface Pro launches in US on Feb 9th, priced from $899

Microsoft have announced that their Surface Pro tablet will go on sale in the US and Canada from  February 9th 2013.

Microsoft Surface Pro launches in US on Feb 9th, priced from $899

The pricing looks reasonably competitive with the 64GB model retailing for $899, and the 128GB model setting punters back $999.

For your money you’ll get a tablet with 10.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel screen, packing Intel Core i5 processors and 4GB of RAM, running the new Windows 8 Pro software.

Unlike the budget Microsoft Surface RT tablets (which can only run apps downloaded from the Windows Store), the Pro tablets can run full versions of Windows software, so you’ll be able to fire up standard programs like Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc,

The Surface Pro units also come with support for pressure-sensitive digital pens which let users write or sketch on the screen, or hover a mouse cursor while running desktop Windows apps (a la Samsung Galaxy Note 2).

The fancy clip-on keyboards cost extra, with the standard Touch Cover adding $120 to the price and the Type cover ten bucks more.



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