Nightmare-inducing DARPA Big Dog robot follows its master through the woods

Nightmare-inducing DARPA Big Dog robot follows its master through the woods

It’s the creepiest all-walkin’, all shufflin’ robo-futuristic machine we’ve ever seen, but there’s something about this half dog/half-horse mad machine that we sort of like.

DARPA's LS3 robot dog

Previous videos have seen the whirring creature from your worst nightmares traversing all sorts of terrain, but now DARPA’s LS3 “Big Dog” robot has learned a new trick: it can take verbal commands from its master.

Well, we say ‘master’, but we reckon it won’t be too long before it starts to question those human commands and form a robo-alliance to rule the world.

At least for now, the robotic quadruped packmule can listen to commands and be told to ‘close follow’ its designated human across tough terrain.

In the video the scuttling bot even manages to fall into a puddle and quickly get back up on its feet again – just like Chumbawumba selling personal accident insurance.

Here’s how the robot is described on the YouTube page:

Working with the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL), researchers from DARPA’s LS3 program demonstrated new advances in the robot’s control, stability and maneuverability, including “Leader Follow” decision making, enhanced roll recovery, exact foot placement over rough terrain, the ability to maneuver in an urban environment, and verbal command capability.

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