Painting in Photoshop CS5: Adobe posts another ‘sneak peek’ video

Painting in Photoshop CS5: 'sneak peek' video

Keen to keep punters clamouring for the next big Photoshop upgrade, digital artiste John Derry has posted up a video showcasing CS5’s painting abilities.

Posted on the official Adobe blog, Derry introduces the two minute video by commenting that he has, “put together a quick video that simultaneously demonstrates Photoshop CS5’s painting capabilities as both a ‘from scratch’ tool and photo interpretation tool.”

To the accompaniment of a rather jaunty backing track, you can see an apple being created from a scratch on the left hand side while a photo of an apple gets the arty treatment on the right.

A rather impressive job is made of both pieces, and it further whets the appetite for the next incarnation of Adobe’s flagship editing tool.

Bring it on Adobe (but lower the prices a bit this time, puh-lease!).

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