Palm Pre hits London

Palm Pre launch

As soft pre-launches go, this was akin to a cuddly teddy bear surfing a fluffy cloud chewing on a Wispa bar.

We found the Palm stall wedged into a tiny, dark booth of a Bloomsbury trade show with just one poster for decoration.

There was no publicity material on hand and just two Palm Pres available for passing journalists to play with. Yep, Palm can certainly do under-stated.

Admittedly, this wasn’t the Pre’s official launch, but we were taken back by just how low key they were prepared to go.

Happily, we got to have a good play on one of the phones and we weren’t disappointed – it’s a fantastic handset.

We’ll post up a full hands-on preview later, but don’t expect any photos. The Palm staff were under strict instructions not to let anyone take pictures of their new baby, citing its pre-production status and etched serial number as the reason.

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3 Comments on “Palm Pre hits London”

  1. Palm get weirder by the day – no photo rule..pre-production model…eh? There are thousands of Pre’s in peoples hands right now in the USA..and millions of photos of them on the internet. Presumably the pre uk might have a local decal or two but really…

  2. Weird about the no photo rule Benjamin Cohen from channel 4 news attended and has a photo on his Twitter feed of him holding a Palm Pre…

  3. I think their objection was to the close up photo I was about to take.

    There was a pre-production serial number etched on the front plate, although I don’t see why they couldn’t have stuck a bit of tape over the thing.

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